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Digital Logic has been engaged in computer consulting and sales in Ontario since 1985
and Nova Scotia since 1999.

Surplus Equipment For Sale:

SGI Challenge Server with the following:
Sorry -- the server has been sold as of Nov 2010, but the rest listed below
is still available - ie. the Indy workstations, monitors, tablets and
the large SGI disk expansion cabinet (19" rack mount box) etc...

2 - 250mhz MIPS processors,
384mb memory,
4 scsi controllers,
8 ethernet i/f,
14 serial ports,
2 parallel printer ports and
several 4gb, and 10gb scsi disks (with IRIX 5.3 installed).

One expansion cabinet for disks is also available.

Sorry -- the server itself has sold.. the rest remains available.
( was asking $250.00 cdn, you pick it up near Toronto, Ontario.)
 Output of hinv on this server.

Several SGI Indy workstations, with kybd, mouse,
most with 64mb memory, 1 or 1.5 gb disk and std video card,
12" graphics tablets (serial RS-232 connect) originally used for CAD,
 Various monitors 20" and 17" available.
(Remember -- these monitors are BIG and weigh 60 to 80 lbs)
Indy prices $50.00 - $200.00 (cdn), with or without monitor.

Also available:
-- several Indy's without ram, Indy cpu base only -- $50.00 (cdn)
-- several 500Mb 3-1/2" SCSI disks with Indy disk trays. -- $50.00 (cdn)
( 500Mb drives have IRIX 5.2 on it, could also run Debian Linux )

As with everywhere else on the net, this site exists in a state of constant flux...
Check back soon, you never know when we will get time to update the content here !!.

 Some webalizer data on this server.

Larry Marsden ( larry@digitallogic.ca )

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